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I leave or do not leave may different types of footprints.  Whenever I am out camping I try to Leave No Trace so I minimize my footprint.  As a family we recycle some of our household waste but not all of it.  We have made a good start and over time we will become better at not leaving that footprint for future generations.

One footprint I am leaving is with this blog and the other things that I am doing on the internet.  I do not receive many visitors to my sites so my footprint is not that big right now.  But over time I will develop a larger list of people which I connect and communicate with and I probably will receive more visitors to my sites.  Being mindful of what is posted on the internet is always in the back of my mind and I always think deeply about everything I post.

The other footprints which I am leaving are in the minds of the students I have taught and the students I will be teaching in the future.  I do not take this very lightly and that is probably why it takes me so long to create unit and lesson plans.  I think about if the students will understand what I am teaching them or if it is the correct way to teach a lesson.  Is it all curricular.  I am shaping young minds when teaching.  I am putting my footprint in the minds of my students.  Other then with my family, this is a much larger footprint then I make anywhere else in my life.

The saying in the poster is very important.  The words are words to think about and live by, but part of the meaning is taken away by the image for me.  When I look at the poster again and think about it, the image is of footprints in the sand.  When the next wind blows those footprints will disappear.  I do not know of an image which could visually represent how my footprint, whether physical, digital, or mental, will always be present.  Our footprints are always visible and we need to remeber they are present with everything we do.


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