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I have had some time

I have had some time over the break and it has been nice to not only catch up and spend time with my family but also try some new stuff on the computer.

We have spent many hours as a family during this break and most of it was spent enjoying the time together not really doing anything.  It is too bad that we all have to go back to school and work in a few days.  We have not done a lot of things but it has been great.  Garrick and I went out to the beach to help my parent put on baseboards and move furniture, and we found an hour to take a break and go snowshoeing.  Christmas was spent not only with our direct families but also “orphan Christmas day supper” with friends and family who are in town and want to join us.  We had 15 people for supper this year.  We had some time to go tobogganing, playing cards and games, shopping, house work and probably going to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakquel today.  I am still hoping to get in a few hours of snowshoeing before school starts.

Over the break I have been able to spend some time on my computer.  I have caught up on some of the blogs and podcasts I follow.  I also went through all my pictures on Flickr and tagged them, put them in sets and collections, and deleted the ones that should not be there in the first place.  Now I just have to upload all the pictures from the last year, which is going to be a big project but I still have a couple days before school starts.

I signed up for  Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Both have been on my list of things to explore for a long time.  I still have not figured out what all the hype is about Facebook; it has only been a week though.  I like Twitter so far.  I have not tweeted much but I can definitely see the potential once I build my list of people I follow and people who follow me.

I decided I am going to try my own 2010/365 photo project.  I do not know if I will be able to accomplish it but I am going to try.  I have enjoyed a couple of professor’s projects and the idea really interests me.  I enjoy taking pictures and carry a camera all the time but usually do not remember to use it.  I think that my focus is going to be on exploring what my camera can do and taking photos which interest me.  I have asked some family and friends to take up the challenge as well and I hope they do.


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  1. Hey Darrin,

    Another thing that helps is to share it with others, and get ideas from them as well. Another great set of tips can be found here:


    All the best and we’ll see you soon.

    Comment by Dean Shareski | January 2, 2010

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