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End of internship block

End of Block Reflection – Nov. 24, 2009

Well, I taught the last full day of my block today.  I am both happy it is done but sad that it is done.  I am happy because my workload starts to decrease now.  Tammy takes on LA tomorrow and Math the following day.  I am sad because it means that we will now go back to the confusions of switching off repeatedly during the day and not have easy transitions from subject to subject.  I am also sad because there are things I would have liked to do/try but do not think I will be able to have that opportunity; I guess I will have to wait for my own classroom.  I do not regret not doing them because they did not fit into what needs to be taught or because of time constraints just were not possible.  The end of the block also means that my time teaching at St. Theresa is coming to a close.  This has been my first placement where students and teachers have made me feel like I am a teacher and part of the staff; not just a university student.  I can see that it is going to be a tough last few days one month from now.

The last week and two days has gone better then the first two.  I have been better at using my time at school to do some of my planning for the upcoming days; not only the next day but also rough plans for upcoming days.  This made planning in my evenings easier because I knew what I had to do and only needed to plan how I was going to accomplish it.  There are still not enough hours in the day, but I have been able to get an extra hour of sleep each night and that makes a huge difference on how I feel and how I teach.  My confidence level has definitely increased and now I am sure that I can do the job well.  I now see that more pre-planning is needed so that unit plans are laid out and ready so that only daily adjustments need to be done rather that having to plan as I go.  I can also see that with more experience the planning will become easier for basic stuff so exploration into different teaching approaches can be implemented; such as blogs, wikis, inquiry, etc.  Trying one new thing at a time will help me expand the ways I teach students.

I feel I have become better at transitions from subject to subject, classroom management, planning student work time and using my time more effectively.  I feel that if the block was not finished and I had to continue to teach full time, I could do it and at the same time continue to make gains in these and other areas.


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