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In the darkness

In the darkness

Earth Hour 2009.  I had not heard of Earth Hour before my science class last Thursday.  What a great idea; one hour with the lights off.  My whole family was prepared and ready to participate in earth hour.  On Saturday morning Briana and Garrick made some posters to put up on our front window and door.  Briana had participated in a school wide Earth Hour on Friday afternoon so she already knew what it was about.  Garrick is only 3 so he did not have a clue but he was enjoying himself.  Michelle and I decided we were going to participate but the question what what could we do to keep the kids entertained with for an hour in the dark?  I thought of starting a fire and making smores.  Then we decided that that was too much sugar when we wanted the kids to go to bed shortly after.  Then we decided we could make bush pies in the fireplace.  So we ran out to the store and picked up the necessary ingredients.  Sandwich (square) bread, cream cheese, pie filling, and of course a bush pie iron.  A bush pie is some filling between two pieces of bread which is then put into the iron and cooked in the fire.  In the end you get a small personal pie because the edges of the bread are squished together creating a pocket with filling in it.  We used apple and cherry pie filling but you can use anything you would like.

It was great.  We sat around the fire with some candles burning and we just enjoyed each others company.  The kids had never seen bush pies before so they thought that it was great to cook in the fireplace and have desert in the darkness.  It was fun; no kids arguing, only laughter with some silence.  All around it was a great experience.  One that reminded me of camping and how much I miss the sitting around the fire, in the darkness, in the wilderness.  I am so glad that it is spring soon because we are getting into prime camping season.



March 30, 2009 - Posted by | EPS 255, ESCI 215

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  1. What a wonderful event for your family to honour Earth Day. It brought back memories of camping with my two boys as Bushpies were always the favourite. I think I will have to dig out our bushpie makers and get ready to have some backyard fun this year with my kids – they’re never too old for this kind of fun and time together with family.

    Comment by machnaij | April 13, 2009

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