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Playground Wisdom 3 and 4

3. “Reach for the Stars”

I reach for the stars every day.  To me, reaching for the stars right now is just trying to keep up with family, school, and Scouts; you know, life in general.  Some days I do not know how I am going to make it through; there is too much to do.  Too many commitments and not enough hours in the day.  But, I am succeeding.  I am getting what needs to be done done.  It may take me longer, or I may have to choose not to do some readings.  I am reaching for the stars everyday because I am a husband, a parent with two kids, a student, a Scout leader, a Group Commissioner, and now on my way to being a Scout leader trainer.  Back when I decided to go to university you should have seen some of my family member’s faces of disbelief.  Darin in university was not a vision of many.  I reached for university and made it in, and everyday here I am reaching for something that years back many people and myself never thought possible.  If I aim high and know in my heart and mind that I can accomplish it; I can reach and touch the stars.

4. “One step at a time…You’ll get there”

On the whiteboard in my office I have all my assignments and readings listed for each week of the semester.  I look at it and I am overwhelmed.  But what a great feeling to cross something off of it.  One thing done; the empty space at the top is getting larger and larger.  The space shows me that I am getting some where.  I may have a ton of assignments left, but I sure love the empty space at the top.  I am getting better at breaking up my assignments into workable chunks.  It is those workable chunks that are making the space at the top become larger.  One step at a time/one chunk at a time and I will get there.  Even if it only means the end of a semester, with every semester ending I am one semester closer to my degree.  For a guy who slept and failed his way through high school classes; I think I am doing okay.  Just had to decide to make that first step.



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