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Engagement activity

The other day I had present an engagement activity to the rest of my science class.  I showed the class that gravity needed air to work.  I had a bottle with a hole in it and when I filled it with water the water ran out of the hole.  Just what you would expect right.  Next I filled up a bottle and put the lid on it; then I put a hole in it.  The water did now run out until I loosened the lid to let air into the bottle, which pushed the water out of the hole.  Some classmates were amazed; in fact I was the first time I did it.

Then a classmate asked me if that worked “for beer darts I mean Coke darts”.  I was unsure.  To try to answer the question my professor went to the next room and got a can of  Sprite.  The class concensus was that the pop would not leak out until I popped the lid.  So I lined up the can with the sink so that it would run into the sink if it did leak.  I put the hole in the side and the pop sprayed out like a jet across the room hitting a classmate about eight feet away.  I quickly tipped the can into the sink and the rest of the can leaked out of the can.  The funniest think was that not a drop got on the floor; it was spraying that fast.  I guess it was the carbonation which made it spray?  I do not really know.  One classmate said that it would not spray if I would have put the hole in the bottom.  I now have more question then answers.  I guess that is what science is about; trying to solve mysteries, but always ending up with more questions.  Now that I think about it that it what education is all about; more questions then answers.



February 8, 2009 - Posted by | EPS 255, ESCI 215, Pre-internship

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