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What is my view on the nature of science (NOS)?

We discussed the theories that NOS can be “Etched in Stone” or “There is no Truth”.  Both sides have some valid points but I do not think that either one is the definite answer to the question, what is the nature of science?  We as humans are always learning, challenging and experimenting with different ideas and theories.  Many years ago the theory was that the world was flat.  We now know that that is not true because someone challenged the theory and wanted to prove it wrong.  We have chosen that the theory that the world is round is the truth today.  The more our scientists and people in general challenge theories and ideas, the more our beliefs in those theories and ideas are changed.  We do not have all the answers as humans and I do not know if we ever will.  And, do we really want to know all the answers to the worlds questions?  What a boring life we would live if we had answers to every question.  Every time we find the answer to one question it always leads to more questions.  I do not think it will be possible to every answer every question and that is a good thing.  We need questions and we need to find answers and science is one of many avenues to find the answers to our questions.

My view on NOS would have to be that the more we challenge theories and ideas from the past the more we are going to learn.  The theories and ideas from the past are not wrong, but with the information we had at the time, they were the best theories or ideas.  The ideas and theories that we believe in today are what we have to live by right now and someday someone may come up with different theories and we will have to make our choice of which one we feel is the truth for that moment in time.



January 21, 2009 - Posted by | ESCI 215, Pre-internship

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