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The Continuation

This week i was able to teach a lesson which was a continuation of what I taught last week.  This gave me perspective of what the students actually remembered from last week.  I was relieved that they seemed to remember the story from last week.  This weeks lesson was also about courage but I explained the reading strategy to predict, pause and check, and connect.  The lesson went well but it seemed to drag.  I was giving the students too much time before I moved on.  After in the post-conference with Mrs. Walker, she said that I did well and she will continue on from where I left off in the unit.  The one thing that she said she will do is model the responses of the predict, pause and check, and connect more so that the students know what is expected of them.  I think that she is right in that case.  Looking back since I was teaching the first lesson in the concept of the reading strategy I should have spent more time focusing of what was expected of the students.  If I had, Mrs. Walker would be able to just continue from where I left off rather than having to reteach something that they should already have learned in my lesson.  If I would have spent more time at the beginning of the lesson explaining to the student what was expected from them in the reading strategy; the lesson probably would have went much smoother now that I look back.  I can not wait for our March block so that I can do a continuation of lessons all the time; I am really not liking this popping in and out on Wednesday.  I just want to be there doing it and experiencing the day to day building from lesson to lesson.



November 13, 2008 - Posted by | Pre-internship

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