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My classroom for pre-internship does not use technology at all.  When I asked my co-op if there was a smartboard in the school, she said “What is a smartboard?”.  We have two computers in the classroom, but they have never been used when I am there and do not look like they have been used in between my visits to the classroom.  I do not think the students get to use the computers much at all.  There is a laptop cart but it is on a different floor of the school with no elevator, so the laptops would have to be carried up the stairs one or two at a time, and it is the same with the data projector.

I feel that classroom blogging is something that is important for all students to experience and will have positive impacts on their writing.  I am thinking about approaching my co-op about starting a classroom blog for my three week block in March, but I do not know if there is any point in doing it because I am only there for three weeks.  If I do it and it works well then my co-op may continue with it, but I do not know that she will.  Is there any point in having student blogging for three weeks?  Where would I start if I do decide to start a classroom blog?  Would I need all there parents permission first?  I have so many questions and unknowns I do not know where to begin.



November 13, 2008 - Posted by | Pre-internship


  1. Hey Darin,

    Little did I know I would find you here 🙂

    I think there is much more than some point in starting your co-op class on classroom blogging. Try to get you co-op into it as well (probably a hard thing to do). If they all enjoy it, then I am sure the regular classroom teacher will continue with it.

    Knowing you for the short time I have, I am sure that you will make this work (somehow).

    Comment by Andrea Prizeman | November 13, 2008

  2. I hear your pain. Perhaps a class blogging project will not be a go especially if you have only 3 weeks in March. Try using a different collaborative tool like voicethread and have the students interact with the world that way. Ask Dean to put the word out when you have a project. Do not despair. Try to take a first step that is easy for others to follow. Kids will be on board you just need the teachers to find the train station 🙂

    Comment by chris Harbeck | November 13, 2008

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