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Actually Teaching

Today we were able to teach our first lesson to actual students.  I was nervous about how things would go.  Could I actually plan a lesson that would engage the students?  Could I teach without feeling uncomfortable about being watched and critiqued?  Could I actually teach and have good classroom management?  Some questions that I worried about, but in reality I was worrying because of the unknown.  Unknowns always worry me.  To top it all off my EPS lab instructor decided to come to our class on our first day of teaching.  That just added to the nervousness.

Andrea taught first and it went well for her.  She taught the grade fours (the big group).  She did have some minor issues but nothing that we did not already think of in advance.  We will keep trying to figure things out for her; and we will.

After recess it was my turn.  I was teaching the grade fives so I had the small group.  I taught recognizing one million in math.  It went great.  My set worked awesome.  My development went good.  My question sheet was beyond them, but with not having experience with the students it was not too bad.  My closure again went great.  I was actually able to engage the students!  They were excited about the lesson!  It is hard to explain but a couple of the students were crawling out of their seats to ask questions and give answers.  I could not be happier for how it went.  I am relieved that it went well.  Once I started teaching I did not even notice my instructor, my co-op teacher, or Andrea taking notes on me.  I just taught.  I did not even have to check my notes very much.  When I did check my notes at the end I was surprised that I did not miss anything I wanted to cover.  I did have one student who was not engaged like the rest of the students so I will have to pay closer attention to him next time.  I am thankful that my lesson went well because it will make the next lesson that much easier.



October 15, 2008 - Posted by | Pre-internship

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