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Day One

This semester has been crazy busy.  Our professors warned us that we would not have time for anything in our pre-intern year but I do not think any of us thought we would be this busy.  I am surviving though, and I am having a good time doing it.  This past Wednesday was our first day in our grade 4/5 split classroom.  What a day!  It started with the excited but nervous feeling and ended so quickly that I felt like it had barely started.

My partner for my pre-internship is Andrea.  Andrea is legally blind.  She is considered low vision, so she is not completely blind.  She can see shapes that are within two or three feet of her, but can not see any detail or colour.  Before school started our co-op teacher told us that when she talk to the students the day before she told them their class was specially selected to help Andrea become a teacher.  The students seemed to take the responsibility of being specially selected very seriously.  They were all great with Andrea and wanted to know everything about her and her blindness.

By the time morning recess came we were both at ease and enjoying ourselves.  By lunch time Andrea had all the student’s names memorized and where their desks were in the classroom.  I did not.  Some times she just amazes me.  With the help of one of the students (with her laughing at me a lot) I had the student names down by afternoon recess.  We helped around the class for the rest of the day and before we knew it the day was over.

Andrea and I have talked with each other, with professors, and with our co-op about how Andrea is going to be able to teach and manage a classroom.  We never have a clear cut answer.  We always end up saying we’ll figure something out.  After the first day I have no question that we will figure it out and Andrea will become a teacher and will end up teaching in a classroom of her own.

What a day though, I can only hope that the rest of our days in the classroom will be as much fun.  They should be even better because next week we actually get to start teaching lessons; not just observing.



October 11, 2008 - Posted by | Pre-internship

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