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Final Project for ECMP 355

For my final project for ECMP 355 I used the storybook I created for my ELNG 325 class to create three different digital stories, and three different screencasts on the process of how to create the digital stories with three different programs.

I created the pages of my storybook with PowerPoint, saved the slides as JPEG images, and then uploaded the JPEG images to Photo Story 3, Voicethread, and Bubbleshare. By uploading the images to three different programs I was able to create three similar yet different types of digital storybooks. I used Jing Project to record the screencasts of the creation process for the stories. The one snag I did run into was that Jing only allows for five minutes of recording time. This means that the recordings are fairly fast-paced, but all the necessary steps for creating the stories are shown. It must be pointed out that I used PowerPoint to create my storybook pages, but you can upload pictures directly to each of the programs without having to use PowerPoint to create your images.

Here is the screencast of how I created my Photo Story . (I uploaded it to TeacherTube so it can be viewed)

Here is the screencast of how I created my Voicethread story.

Here is the screencast of how I created my Bubbleshare story.

Overall, with Photo Story, I was able to create is the most appealing version of my story. The problem I see with Photo Story is future modifications can be bit of a challenge, but they can be done. Voicethread is good because I have the ability to quite easily add and delete as I feel modifications are needed in the future. Bubbleshare is good for quick upload and usability of the story, but there is no audio. The website says that audio is an option, but for some reason my account does not have the icon needed to start the audio recording.



April 20, 2008 - Posted by | ECMP 355, General

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  1. Great story Darrin. You are a great example of someone who isn’t afraid to go out and accomplish your dreams, no matter what life stories were thrown your way. You are an inspiration!!!

    Comment by Heather | April 26, 2008

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