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I did my blogging mentorship with Mrs. Dewhurst’s grade two class in White City. I enjoyed reading the class blogs and found myself checking it three to four times a week. I focused on two specific children as Mrs. Dewhurst requested. Whenever there was a new post by the two children I would write a comment and always ask a question to try to get them to start a conversation.

I will continue to mentor my two students until the end of their school year and they will probably start blogging more and possibly respond to comments as the year continues. Overall the blog mentorship was a great part of the ECMP 355 class. I have especially enjoyed having the opportunity to see how teachers are using blogs in their classroom, which will help me form my ideas as to how I will use blogging in my future classrooms.

Here is some of the blog posts and my comment to them. As I commented, I was trying to answer the questions they asked, trying to relate to them a bit, and trying to get them to comment back to me so a conversation would start. I feel that because they are new to blogging, it has not been explained to them that pursuing the conversation is just as important as posting in the first place.

Habitat post by HB

Bunnies live underground in a den. They eat plants and grass.
Dolphins live in the ocean, and they eat plankton and algae.

Why do Sharks eat people when they smell blood

My comment

Sharks are attracted to any blood in the water including fish and mammals. As far as I know it is rare for sharks to attack people.
What other animals live in underground dens?
What are some of the other animals that live in the ocean?

dinosaurs post by JG

Do you no a sintist if you do can you ask him or hr if he nos abote dinosors tel him. do you no haw dinosore got thar names. and haw do thay no wate coler dinosare are. I like magik tree hous.books And goosbums books.I play gtare I now haw to play froste the snow man. Can you play an instrmint.doyou hav an xbox360 if you hav one do you hav gtareherow game. Haw mach books hav you rede in your life. Iv rede aboyt 200 books in my life.

My Comment

Sorry, I do not know any scientists to ask how dinosaurs received their names or how we know what colour dinosaurs are. Those are some very good questions you have though. You are lucky that you can play the guitar. I have always wanted to know how to play the guitar. When I was younger I played the organ and the saxophone, but I do not play anymore. Do you think that I should take guitar lessons someday? I do not have a xbox 360 or Guitar Hero. Do you like playing Guitar Hero?

second dinosaurs post by JG

I learned about Dinosaur.We wer the first in saskatchewan to hav a virtual feldtrip.We got to talk to a paleontologist on skreen.we got to ask them questions I ask haw do you no whte coler Dinosaur are.thay sede I had the best qesgan thar.the tall ist Dinosaur is argintena it is 130 feet long.Ornithomimis is the fastist Dinosaur it can run 55 km if it raced the fastist person it would overlap them.

My Comment

Did the paleontologists tell you how they know what colour dinosaurs are? I would like to know too. I never thought about it before I read your blog.



April 15, 2008 - Posted by | ECMP 355


  1. HI there!
    It is great to hear your blog mentorship went great. I sounds like you have learned a lot and have a lot to be thankful for for being introduced to blogging. As for me, after taking this ECMP class, i feel that it has opened my eyes to be open-minded about technology in the classroom. Before this class, i had never thought about incorporating literacy/technology learning in the classroom. So i am super excited that I get to start teaching my grade 2’s come September back in MB. Anyhoo, as I had mentioned technology & literacy, I thought I’d share something with you. There is a song that is called “technologic” and i got a chance to show it to a few grades (2, 4, 5’s) and they all LOVED it. Some ideas to use the song is have them create a video with that song as the background, or have them listen to the song carefully without telling them what the song is about and have them write about what they think the song is about” this will work on their listening, and writing skills. The kids loved doing this in grade 4/5. After you download and listen to the song, I would love to hear any other ideas about ways to use this song in the classroom (because I am not an Arts.Ed teacher). Anyhoo, I thought I’d share my comment with you and I wish you the best of luck with your school and teaching.

    Comment by Alexis | April 17, 2008

  2. My group and I actually used the song “technologic” for our interpretive dance for KHS 139. I know we enjoyed the song so I am sure young students would really enjoy listening and dancing around to it too.

    Comment by Darin Janssen | April 17, 2008

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