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Twist in Fate

After many hours of frustration with uploading to youtube, I gave up. The real frustrating thing was that five minutes before I tried to upload the video I was able to upload my Pecha Kucha presentation to youtube on the first try. I then had a brain wave, why don’t I try teachertube. I created an account and within fifteen minutes I had my video uploaded.

This is a storybook that I created for my ELNG 325 class. I am also using it as part of my ECMP 355 final project, which I will be posting later. I hope you enjoy and try teacher tube it seems to work better than youtube so far.



April 10, 2008 - Posted by | ECMP 355, General


  1. Very nice!

    It is really interesting to think about how your “path” in life is changed by what happens (or does not happen). Most people likely never even give it a thought.

    Comment by Marcel | April 10, 2008

  2. It’s a wonderful story! I thank God that he spared you that day! I Love you.

    Comment by Michelle | April 10, 2008

  3. That story really made me think about the way I do things from my day to day life. I struggle to put my family and friends before my work. At times this is good but I tend to do it to often. I liked how you connect your personal life to your university classes.

    Comment by dehalt | April 11, 2008

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