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I listened to some podcasts from The Wildebeat on winter camping and Backpacking Light Magazine on back-country gear for kids.  I enjoyed listening to them and found out some things that I did not know.  Podcasts were foreign to me before last class, and I did not know that I could listen to such a varied array of topics anywhere and anytime I have a minute.  Overall my podcast experience has been a good one.  The one problem I had was trying to find the podcasts that interested me.  If I was looking for a specific podcast I could search for it and easily find it, but for general browsing to find something, there are way too many podcasts to search through.  I am sure that there were many podcasts that I would find interesting but I was not able to find them.  I generally do not have time in my days to search around to find stuff, so I think that iTunes should come up with a better way to search their store.  Although it may be me not knowing the best way to search the iTunes store.



March 11, 2008 - Posted by | ECMP 355


  1. I found searching isn’t a great way to find them either. I usually find that recommendations are the best. I agree searching in itunes isn’t the best experience.

    Comment by Dean Shareski | March 11, 2008

  2. Darin – I have searched around for similar podcasts and have ended up in the same place as you: Wildebeat (despite it’s west coast emphasis) and practical backpacking. No one else seems to keep their podcast series going.

    If you find others- especially about winter camping – please let me know and I will post them on our web site.

    Thanks, Jim

    Comment by Jim Muller | March 11, 2008

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