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I have to admit…

I have to admit that after our first class I felt overwhelmed, especially with finding out our class was online.  But, by the end of the class I felt a bit more comfortable.  After going home and playing around with the programs I felt much more comfortable. 

During and after our second class I again felt overwhelmed, but not as much as the first class.  After going home and playing around I again felt more comfortable.  It seems like we have signed up for a million different accounts, but I think that they are going to all be very useful for this class, other classes, and our teaching careers.  It is fun to play around with this technology which I did not know existed.  How much other good and helpful technology is out there that I don’t know about?  And, how can I find out about it without spending hours on the net?

My thought on the whole class is that we are going to learn a lot of cool stuff which will make our lives as teachers easier and more productive.  We did sign up for a three plus hour night class, but because there seems to be a huge amount of information thrown at us in those three hours.  We are probably going to feel a bit overwhelmed at the end of every online session because of the volume of information we have taken in.  The online aspect nolonger frightens me, but maybe the class would be less overwhelming if we had two online sessions per week?



January 21, 2008 - Posted by | ECMP 355

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  1. There is a lot of technology that we don’t yet know about, and the reality is that in this day and age when it comes to technology the sky is the limit! It is virtually impossible to discover everything that’s out there, but that is why programs such as delicious can be such gems. It allows us to connect with other educators to learn what technologies they are using in the classroom-saving us from spending hours upon hours of searching on our own. I know it is overwhelming, but if we take some time and know where to look, the possibilities of how we can incorporate technology into the classroom are endless!

    Comment by kstilborn | January 23, 2008

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