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Computers in the classroom.

Computers in the classroom can be great tools for teachers if they know how to use them. It has been my experience that some teachers do not feel comfortable with computer so they do not use them as much as they could. During my education courses I have seen some pretty cool ways of using computers in classrooms. That is why I am taking this course. I want to have the ability to use computers with my students, and feel comfortable that I can teach computer skills to my students.

As for the impact of Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, and MSN, I can not really say. I do not have any experience with them so I can not give an opinion on if they are good or bad. I would like to explore them but this takes time. I do not have much time left in my days after family, school, and scouts obligations.

Cell phones for students are good but bad. They are good so that students can phone for help if they are in trouble or their parents need to get a hold of them. But, I think that students do not need cell phones before they are in high school. Cell phones can be a great distraction for students especially with text messaging. I sit in university classes and there are students all around me text messaging during lectures. It is not the time or the place to be texting during lectures. We are in lectures to learn from our professors. Most text messages are not that important that they can not wait until after class.



January 15, 2008 - Posted by | ECMP 355, General

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